“Health Explored with Mike Wahl” Season Two Announces Exciting Worldwide Filming Expedition

Newfoundland, Canada 

“Health Explored with Mike Wahl” is proud to announce its highly anticipated second season, which will take viewers on a journey of exploration and discovery across the globe. This time around, the show is being given a new name – “Health Explored” (Formerly the WAHL Show)– to reflect its focus on discovering and sharing the latest health and wellness insights from around the world.

“Health Explored” is hosted by Dr. Mike Wahl, a professor in the faculty of medicine who has dedicated his career to improving the health of Newfoundlanders. Dr. Wahl will join the show’s crew as they explore topics related to mental health, mindfulness, meditation, healthy aging, sustainable farming, human performance and the healing power of nature in some of the world’s most beautiful and interesting locations.

Filming locations will include New Zealand, India, Bhutan, Japan, and the USA, and will feature interviews with some of the world’s leading experts in the fields of health and wellness. The team at Health Explored has collaborated with its partners around the world to bring a never before seen perspective on health to our viewers.

Braeden King from There Media will be returning as director for season two, bringing his experience and creative vision to the project. James MacKinnon will also be back as the director of photography, capturing stunning visuals that will transport viewers to the locations being explored.

“Season two promises to be an even more compelling journey of exploration and discovery,” said Dr. Wahl. “This year we are seeking out the best practices for health and wellness from around the world to bring them home.“

“Health Explored” is committed to providing viewers with entertaining, informative content that can help them live healthier, more fulfilling lives. The new season is scheduled to air in October of 2023, the team at Health Explored is available to share more about the exciting journey of exploration and discovery.

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