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Episode 1

Environment and Health

We travel across our province to learn how the changing climate is impacting our lives for our friends at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa. We will see first hand how environmental challenges like melting sea ice to plastics in our oceans are impacting our environment and ultimately our health.

Episode 2

Music & Mental Health

Music and the arts are staples of NL and shape our way of life.  We learn why the arts is a fundamental part of our health here at home.

Episode 3

Diabetes for a Day

Learn what it is like to have diabetes for a day and gain a better understanding on this condition that is estimated to affect over 1 in 10 of us in the next 10 years.

Episode 4

Laughter as Medicine

Newfoundland is known for its comedy. Join us as we see why laughing is a great way to stay healthy and happy with some of our talented comics here in the province.

Episode 5

Healthy Aging

With the oldest population in Canada, NL is facing huge challenges with seniors and health care.  We learn what we can do to age well.

Episode 6

Reconnecting with Nature

Surrounded by trails, trees, waves and big spaces – Newfoundland and Labrador is the ideal location to get outside and active.

Episode 7

A Destination for Remote Workplaces

Newfoundland is becoming a destination for those looking to work remotely. With open spaces, an affordable cost of living and opportunities for business those looking to lead a more balanced and healthy lives are looking to the Rock.

Episode 8

Traditional Foods of Newfoundland

From foraging, to diving and fishing, to the plate – Newfoundland’s unique foods have garnered international attention.

Episode 9

Our Connection with Animals

Pets and animals are being used more and more to help us with our mental health, our medicine and emotional health. From therapy dogs, to dogs that sniff out illness, to horse which calm our emotions. In this episode we learn all about our furry friends.

Episode 10

Health Tech

Featuring our emerging health tech sector here in our province and the amazing innovations that will improve our wellness.

Episode 11

Embracing Winter

Winter is a time when many folks activity drops off but when we are surrounded by trails, snow and nature there is no better reason to get outside when its cold out!

Episode 12

The Journey

What have we learned along the way? How did this journey changed us? What happened behind the scenes? Our team will share their fondest memories and biggest ah ha moments of the season.