Health Explored

Episode 1

Human Performance

It’s more than hard work. Elite athletes are at the pinnacle of human performance. Journey with us to an epicenter of athletic training as we go off ice with the NHL.

Episode 2 (2 part)

Diving into the Blue Mind

Why are we drawn to water? Is it just a nice view or is there more under the surface. We ask the question – does being close to or in water actually improve our health?

Episode 3 (2 part)

The Search for Mindfulness

India’s ancient traditions have fostered a culture of spirituality which resonates through everything. We explore how India is able to find order in a fast paced world.

Episode 4 (2 part)

Finding Happiness

Bhutan embraces happiness above all else for its citizens. This approach has made Bhutan a model for health around the world. Is happiness the key to better health?

Episode 5

Making Sense of Nature

Have you ever hiked using your ears, nose and tongue? We learn about the ancient practice of Shin Rin Yoku or Forest Bathing on the outskirts of the worlds largest city.

Episode 6 (2 part)

The Purpose of Life

One small island in the pacific is home to the oldest humans on the planet. From the purpose of life, to community and longevity foods – we dip our toes into the fountain of youth. 

Episode 7

Planting a Seed

What does it take to grow your own food in the province known as the rock. We’ll plant the seed of sustainable gardening and see if we can harvest the rewards.

Episode 8

Pushing our Limits

What happens when we are scared or stressed? We can tell you… We pushed the limits and measured the process. Lets see how stress, even small amounts impact us.